Dedicated in-house reefer departments.

    All owned offices and affiliates have reefer specialists present to serve you.
    We have many years of experience in temperature controlled transport - in particular by sea and road, but also by air. The commodities we move on a daily basis vary from deep frozen (frozen fish/poultry/meat and pork, ice cream) to chilled commodities (meat, onions and potatoes, fruit and vegetables, medicines, flowers & flower bulbs).
    In order to maximize the shelf life of your products proper cargo handling is key. Our cold chain professionals have the specialized skills and experience to deal with the unique risks and challenges of the perishable business from one end of the cold chain to the other.

    As we have own offices and dedicated agents in all major ports around the globe, we can not only ensure you have the best option possible (transit times / transport charges) but we also can make sure you can satisfy your customer’s needs at both origin and destination.

    What we can do for you:
    • Chilled and frozen foodstuffs by sea, road, rail and air
    • Separate reefer division in all major ports
    • Cold storage solutions in most ports
    • Global trucking with gen set availability
    • On-line communication with Customs Authorities
    • Quality management / inspections / survey’s in most ports
    • Phyto-sanitarian clearance
    • Veterinanrian inspection
    • Cross stuffing options in many port

    For more information please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Maurice Verbrugh at Rotterdam and Jill de Keninck at Antwerp.
    Our reefer desk can be contacted at
    Reefer sales Netherlands +31 10 506 1614
    Reefer sales Belgium +32 3 202 4763